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Are there different mesh selections?

Our Phantom door screens use 18/14 Charcoal insect mesh. This mesh is a PVC coated fiberglass, it is durable and designed for our door screens. It is perfect for letting air in and keeping the bugs out. Our window screens and our large opening screens have multiple selections of mesh available to help with insect, wind, and sun protection. 

Is white my only colour option?

Our Phantom products come in a variety of standard colours. Custom colour options and woodgrain finishes are also available to best suit your opening. For complete colour choices, please see the available options for each of our door, window, and large opening screens.

What if I have pets?

The Phantom products are not designed to restrict pets from entering or exiting. Their design however, diminishes the possibility of damage if a pet accidentally impacts the mesh.

Can the mesh in my Phantom Screen be replaced or do I need to buy a new Phantom?

Yes, it is possible to simply replace the mesh and get your Phantom running like new again. Have one of our service technicians come on site to do this for you and get them to show you our new latching system designed for ease of use. For more information and prices, please see service and maintenance.

Is there any maintenance required for my Phantom screen?

Similar to most other products, your Phantom screen will work better and last longer when it is well maintained. Lucky for you, maintenance is very minimal. The tracks should be kept clean and periodically sprayed with a silicone lubricant which can be purchased from us or from your local hardware store. For all maintenance and service tips as well as a how-to video, click here.

Can I install Phantom screens myself?

Phantom’s Limited Lifetime Warranty can only be protected by following the rigid specifications and manufacturers standards followed by each factory trained installer. Let us work our magic while you sit back and relax.

Do Phantom screens come with a warranty?

Yes! All of our products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.  For full details or to register your Phantom product, click here.

What types of applications can Phantom’s retractable screen solutions cover?

Phantom Screens provides custom fit screen solutions for nearly all types of openings. See the specific applications that our door, window, and large opening screens can be installed on.

How do Phantom Screen products compare to competing products?

Phantom uses the highest quality components and are designed to be among the most durable available. When compared with other retractable screens in the marketplace, it is clear why Phantom receives a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating. Phantom is also the only screen door that features a latch and release system giving it superior operational performance and ease of use.

How do Phantom’s retractable screen solutions differ from traditional door and window screens?

Conventional insect screens often compromise the beauty of a home, block views, diminish natural daylight, and make routine window cleaning difficult. Phantom Screens however, pull into place when required and retract out-of-sight when not in use. Click here for additional benefits of our retractable screens.